Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring with me to the dealership?
All you need to purchase a vehicle in most cases is a valid driver's license and proof of insurance. Occasionally a finance institution will ask for proof of income (i.e., pay stubs or tax statements) or residency. If you have an average or below average credit score we recommend bringing these documents as well.

Why is it beneficial to trade-in?
When you trade-in you don't have to worry about selling the vehicle yourself or any of the associated costs (advertising, showing the car, etc). A dealer may offer a price you could not get yourself as an incentive to purchase a new vehicle. If the trade-in has known problems that could plague you later (when the buyer returns complaining), selling the car to the dealer eliminates the bother. Trading-in a lease car may relieve you of, in the long run, monthly costs you cannot afford. Sometimes people trade in lease vehicles because of poor gas mileage or lack of practicality.

Why trade-in?
Trading in your current vehicle towards another can partially offset the cost of the new vehicle. The trade-in's net value goes towards the purchase or lease of a new car. Conditions of a trade-in vary depending on who owns the vehicle. If you own the vehicle, trading-in means that you're selling the car to the dealer for some determined price. As a result, the price of the new car goes down, only.

How does a lease work?
When you lease a car, you are paying to use it for a certain period of time. Price is based on what the car is initially worth, and what it is expected to be worth at the end of your term. This allows you to get more car for your monthly payment, then if you were buying the car out right. The only difference is that after your term, you have nothing to show for your monthly payments.

I am looking at a new vehicle and am confused whether I should obtain a loan and buy it or if I should lease the vehicle...
Leasing the vehicle will generally get you into a new car for a lower monthly payment than if you were purchasing it. However, at the end of the lease term (commonly 36 months) you do not own anything. If you always like driving a new car with the assurances of being under factory warranty, then leasing may be for you. If you like the idea of driving a car without payments for a couple of years, then purchasing may be for you. Also, purchasing the car makes more sense if you drive more than 15,000 miles a year, usually drive the vehicle for 5+ years, or like to alter the vehicle's appearance. Check with your tax advisor for the tax benefits that may apply when purchasing or leasing a vehicle if you use your car for business purposes.

What is a certified used car?
Certified used cars (also known as pre-owned vehicles) have been through a thorough inspection by a qualified technician. After the inspection the vehicle is issued an extended warranty that is backed by the manufacturer. Most certified pre-owned vehicles have low mileage, are within three to four years old, and have no major damage. Certified vehicles will generally cost more than a comparable used car since it comes with an extended warranty that is backed by the manufacturer.

I am looking at purchasing a used vehicle. What is a reasonable amount of miles a vehicle should accumulate per year?
The average driver puts on around 12,000 miles a year. When looking at used cars, try to determine the driving habits of the previous owner. Highway miles generally provide less wear on the vehicle's engine and transmission than large amounts of stop and go city driving. Also, inspect the vehicle's maintenance records to confirm that periodic maintenance has been performed.

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